Maryland Conservation Corp Gunpowder Falls State Park

 2013 to 2014

14 & 15 Nov 2014: Nick Behen, Sean Campbell, Natalie Perry, Kevin Parry, Raven Wilson and Mike Milkavick visited the Historical Jerusalem Mill Village. On Thursday morning, after a hardy snack and coffee provided by Saint Joan Scovill (food boarding by anyone who witnesses these events), the crew first finished clearing the soil, debris and stones away from the front wall of the bank barn where the "earthen bank" was located (see attached pictures below on left). Next the crew finished the splitting of the seasonal firewood by the Dr Pullen pony shed. There was a brief break for lunch and then the crew returned to tackle the tires and "submarine" trailer in the Big Gunpowder Falls River at Belair Road. Several tires were removed from the Lost Pond Trail. Two old-fashion hot water tanks were embedded in the bedrock and were left. The blazes on the Lost Pond Trail were completed and two tractor tires were found on the Big Gunpowder Trail northwest from the Big Gunpowder Lodge. The trailer was located across from the Sweathouse branch about one mile from the trail head (see attached picture below on right taken in the spring when the river was higher) and after some determination on what tools we will need; then, it was left in the river for the next day.


 On Friday, the team collected all the tools and separated in teams to tackle all the activities. The first team removed several dangerous trees, including two leaners that were uncomfortable to be near. Both were lowered to the ground without issue (see attached picture above on left). Raven cleaned out an especially muddy section with nothing more than a branch (My fault, I didn’t know that a shovel was available). The next day, several volunteers discovered that this section was dry and walkable – good job Raven. The emainder of the crew used a combination of chain come-a-long, and several high strength cargo straps to compliment Natalie and Nick in the river with iron bars to force the trailer to shore (see attached pictures below on left and center). After lunch, the crew cut up the trailer into manageable parts and using a wheelbarrow and cart carried the tractor tires and trailer to the stake-body truck for re-cycling (see triumphant picture on right!). It was a cold, muddy but successful removal. Good job by all!   

31 Oct & 1 Nov 2013: Ranger Lindley Austin, Nick Behen, Sean Campbell, Natalie Perry, Kevin Parry, Raven Wilson and Mike Milkavick visited the Historical Jerusalem Mill Village. In the morning, after a hardy snack and coffee, the crew first tackled the dis-assembly, removal and disposal of a seventy-year-old, twenty-five feet long, foot bridge that had collapse and completely blocked a feeder stream to the Little Gunpowder Falls River behind Dr. Pullen's House after the last tropical storm (see attached pictures below on left to right). The debris filled the State’s Ford F350 stake-body and was taken to Day’s Cove at a final weight of over 2,100 pounds.

Second the crew installed a four by four feet, informational square bulletin board at the Seagram's Gate off Route 7 (see attached pictures below on left and center). Lunch was at Sunshine Grill (see picture on right). 




Third, on Friday during the rain, they completed the restoration of a severely damaged floor on the first floor and completed the installation of a re-enforcing support wall in the Tenant Farmer's/Post Office House (see attached pictures below). Most of the damage was done by improper installation of cast iron drain plumbing before the property was owned by the State of Maryland, Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Park Services, and Gunpowder Falls State Park.


10-11 Oct 2013: Ranger Lindley Austin, Sean Campbell, Natalie Perry, Kevin Parry and Raven Wilson (Mike Milkavick will start on 28 Oct 2013) visited the Historical Jerusalem Mill Village. In the morning, after a hardy snack and coffee, the crew cleaned out and organized the basement kitchen and first floor post office room. Both of these rooms were cluttered beyond help with donations and tools. The crew first worked as a team to re-organize the kitchen to re-establish a working area and consolidated all the tools in the post office room as well as also re-established a working space (see attached pictures below on left and center). The team also delivered an antique wood stove to the second floor and moved the wood-fired "Royal" stove into the kitchen. A portion of the crew used screw jacks to support the post office floor from the basement and install a dead-man support wall using 6" by 6" pressure lumber as a beam and post (see attached pictures below on left and in second row on right). Another portion of the crew cleared out a small front entrance room, removed the rotten drywall from under the leaking window, started to install a new plywood floor over all the holes (see attached pictures below in second row in center and right). This room was inappropriately made into a bathroom and as a result suffered water damage. The crew also sealed the windows in preparation for winter (this is insufficient time to remove and repair them), removed the various exterior cable and phone cables between the telephone pole and building, and installed an outside kitchen porch light. Rangers Sarah Witcher and Christina McCullough treated the crew to pizza for lunch and Chris Scovill (LtCol USAF retired and FOJM curator) provided a tour of the museum/visitor center and discussion on the history of the village.