Percy Lee Dairy Farm Foundation "Founders" Workday – 18 May 2013





    The weather was threating all day, but, the rains held off until late afternoon as over 60

volunteers from the Mountain Christian Church, Friends of Jerusalem Mill, Gunpowder

United Mountain Bike Operators, Foundation and others, arrived for the annual workday.

As expected Joan Scovill lay out a table full of goodies, including cakes baked by Andrea

Staschak and others (see attached pictures below).


Diane and Hugh Pry, with Ben Weisheit, Chris Scovill and Colin Dinnery split the last of the seasoned

hardwood behind Dr Pullen’s house for the upcoming Gilmor’s Raid and Colonial Craft Weekend.

Henry Irving and Jeff Magness relocated the mechanical corn husker to the front of the Blacksmith


Mike and Matt Danberry of Old World Stone Masonry with volunteers Mike D'Andres and

Tony Mendola helped clean out the inside of the bankbarn, sort and stack stones for future use,

assemble a steel metal rack for storage that was donated by Jim White, and complete emergency

repairs to the inside walls of the bankbarn using lime mortar purchased in Philadelphia, PA on Friday. These repairs included repairing holes from lost stones above the windows and doors.


George Fahlsing and Nelson planted and painted a new two-sided bulletin board at the trail

intersection behind the bankbarn using donated 6" by 6" by 8’ pressure treated posts and ¾" 4’ by 8’

 exterior plywood (see pictures below).

Ranger Robb Bailey and his wife Mary painted the paddock Bridge while Cheryl and Mike Ingoe

painted the Springhouse Bridge. Lacey Clough and Pam Lessig joined them to paint the hallway

of the Tenant Farmer’s/Post office.


Pat Martin, Dr Brooke Decker, Dr Su Willard, John Hobaugh, and Mary Mendola painted the

pumphouse a second coat (with expert supervision from Julie Van Campen) – (see attached pictures



Jack Shutter, volunteer coordinator for GFSP, and Angie Allison, Maryland Conservation Corp helped

with the initial set-up of all the activities, including distribution of tools and materials. With help

 from Don (the backhoe man) laid a 4" covered drainage line alongside and behind the bankbarn

(see attached pictures below). Jerry Foncell and his mountain bikers worked on the Jerusalem

 Mill Trail making a beautiful stone stream crossing and several water bars. 

Bill and Efie from Sunshine Grill laid out an incredible lunch for all the volunteers from the Mountain

Christian Church,Friends of Jerusalem Mill, Gunpowder United Mountain Bike Operators and

Percy Lee Diary Farm Foundation. Four birthdays were celebrated: Ranger Robb Bailey,

 Julie Van Campen, Chris Scovill and Rick Decker. No ages were disclosed

(see attached pictures below).