Progress Update for June 8th and July 13, 2013  

Another beautiful day and exceptional work by the volunteers from The Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps.

The crews really came together today. The crews demonstrated self starting, good work ethics, safety and consideration towards others. They have seen the value of hard work, they share pride in accomplishment and learn to respect their peers and leaders.

It is at the end of the program, you can truly see the value of this program in both individual and group development. Everyone has matured during this summer.

Special thanks to Dave and Kendell, they are among the best crew leaders I have worked with in the past five years. The provided the right measure of leadership, guidance and teaching to these young adults and have deservedly won their respect.

My only regret is the program for this summer is ending.

Please do not hesitate to call or write if you have any questions.

As always, thank you for all you do!


The Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps Program

The Maryland Conservation Jobs Corps is a six-week, non-residential summer program for youth who are seeking opportunities to do hands-on outdoor conservation projects in Maryland State Parks.

  •    Do you like being outside?
  •    Are you ready to get your hands dirty?
  •     Do you want to have an adventure this summer?

If you answered yes, then you are ready to join our crew!

You will work in a crew of five, under the supervision of a Crew Chief. Crews will work at local and state parks across Maryland.

Transportation to and from central pick-up sites will be provided for crew members. Be prepared to be on-time and ready for new experiences each day, rain or shine!

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Property Report

July 2013

1. Christian Church Second Saturday Serve joined five members of the Friends of Jerusalem Mill and the Percy Lee Dairy Farm Foundation for a workday. Several volunteers finished the repair of the ceiling in McCourtney gift shop and Dr. Marv O the gift shop was open for business the following Sunday. Six volunteers joined Angie Allison and Ranger Dean Hughes at the Gitting-Baldwin Mansion to paint the fence and gate at the entrance to the property from Baldwin Mill Road, to prune overgrown branches along the driveway leading into the property from Baldwin Mill Road and to move the duck pen to a new area for grazing. remaining volunteers helped Dr Marv O’Connell paint doors and windows of the pumphouse, trim back some of the overgrowth around the bankbarn and erect a split rail fence between Jericho Road and the pumphouse (see attached pictures below from left to right). Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time and expressed interest in returning again and again.



2. Central Area Trail Maintenance/Trash:

      a. Big Gunpowder Trail: Upstream from Big Gunpowder Lodge at Belair Road on the Big Gunpowder Falls River, Julie Van Campen and volunteers cleared several trees and trimmed back undergrowth, repaired several stream crossing and other trail maintenance (see attached picture below on left).


            b. Sweathouse Trail: Upstream from parking lot at Belair Road, Julie Van Campen and volunteers cleared several trees and trimmed back undergrowth. Your volunteers noticed that the protective fence on the crossover pedestrian pathway is now broken at several connections and base plates (see attached picture above in left-center). The visitors were very pleased with the cleared out tunnel. Your volunteers gave equal credit to SHA and MPS. The Franklin Square “Heart” portion of the trail continues to deteriorate.

           c. Stockdale/Wildlands/all others Trails: Upstream from parking lot at Belair Road, Julie Van Campen and volunteers cleared several trees, trimmed back undergrowth and other trail maintenance.

d. Little Gunpowder/Horse Trail: A night hike was conducted on Thursday, 31 Jul 2013 from Jerusalem Mill to the Kingsville Athletic Fields via Sherwood Trail and return. Seven (7) happy hikers enjoyed the evening.

e. Reynolds Road: Two new construction debris with hazardous material (used hydraulic fluid, oil and paint) was photographed and reported to GFSP, MPS and NRP (see attached pictures above on right).

 3. Next Activity: Mountain Christian Church Second Saturday Serve on 10 Aug 2013.