About Us

In the Summer of 2010, preliminary stabilization of the Percy Lee Dairy Farm bank barn and initiation of the reconstruction of the adjacent wooden pumphouse structure were begun to facilitate contemporary use of these significant cultural and recreational resources of the historic Jerusalem Mill village in the Gunpowder Falls State Park (GFSP) for the benefit of the citizens of Maryland. 

When built prior to 1810 by mill owner David Lee, the bank barn was the largest in Harford County and was in use until an arson fire in 1966.   The donations to the Friends of Jerusalem Mill provided matching funds for a grant from Preservation Maryland and the Maryland Historical Trust to commission an extensive “Reconstruction Assessment Report” of the bank barn and adjacent pumphouse completed December 31, 2009, by Jeffrey A. Lees, AIA.  

While the Bank Barn has stood for 200 years, it is imperative that funds be obtained and works begun to save this iconic structure in order to reincorporate it into the operational and interpretive activities of the historic Jerusalem Mill Village for future generations.

Good original construction and the interlocking nature of the stones/mortar are currently maintaining the structural integrity of the bank barn; however, any adverse winds, tremors or snow and Ice accumulation might initiate a catastrophic event.    The Percy Lee Dairy Barn Foundation will (1) Stabilize the existing bank barn structure to facilitate future restoration; (2) complete the restoration of the adjacent pumphouse, and, (3) initiate restoration of the bank barn. 


Here are some documents outlining the work we plan for the bank barn and the pumphouse.