FOJM Property Committee Report

Nov 2015

Accomplishments/Proposed Actions:

1. Jericho Covered Bridge: THE BRIDGE HAS LANDED!!! Kinsley Construction was awarded a contract for $1.3 M by Baltimore County Public Works Engineering Department to renovate the wooden bridge and road deck. The bridge is closed on Saint Joan’s birthday and is estimated to re-open mid Feb 2016. The Percy Lee Dairy Farm Foundation cleared out an area behind the Tenant Farmer’s/Post Office House for the construction inspection trailer and porta-potty. Kingsley Construction removed the roof and siding and donated same to the Friends of Jerusalem Mill. Barns and Bridges of New England lifted the structure 54 inches onto wooden cradles and using a level track, moved the wooden Burr Arch to the Harford County side of the river. Kingsley Construction removed the old roadway, prepared and repainted the steel beams and installed a new roadway. After Barns and Bridges of New England completed extensive removal of rotten wood and replacement/repairs they returned the renovated wooden structure of the Jericho Covered Bridges to the renovated roadbed starting on 21 Oct and finishing with final positioning and securing the structure on 23 Nov 2015. Kingsley Construction is currently installing the end portals and roof framing. FOJM Volunteers picked up trash, scrap wood and sawdust on 29 Nov 2015 before the rains started. The bridge is to be complete by Mid-Mar 2015.

2. Miller’s House Shelving: Ray Rios Velez is working on the installation of the Betsy/Diane Shelving design hopefully in time to finish in time for 5 Dec 2015 Christmas Jubilee. Diane and Betsy have repaired the plaster and completely primed, re-painted the first floor walls, started on the second floor and several other items in the Miller’s house like the storage chest.                                                                                                                                3. Miller’s House Doors: Merlin Erickson worked on Saturday, 14 Nov, Sunday 22 Nov and Friday 27 Nov 2015 to complete the installation of the new front door oak door jams, including masonry repairs, add molding and properly install the various latches to both doors. Both Diane and Betsy were pleased.                                                                                    4. Storage Shed Pad: Harry Sanders arranged with Dixie Construction to deliver 20 tons of #57 stone and 40 tons of CR6 stone and a former student of his, Marty Lotz and two of this co-workers and a skid loader they worked three days on 14, 21 and 22 Nov 2015 to level a space, lay down ground cloth and layer first the #57 stone, than the CR6 stone to create a 35 foot square pad. Marty Lotz also lent us a mechanical tamper and with the help of Terry Heil and his skid loader on 28 Nov 2015, he transferred an additional 11 tons of #57 stone from the bankbarn to create a ramp to the pad. Rich Albright started to create a stone retaining wall on the no-name stream side of the pad. Marty and the "gang" is scheduled to return on Saturday, 5 Dec 2015 to finish the effort.


5. Bankbarn backyard: Terry Heil also used the his skid loader to level the dirt behind the bankbarn and laydown #57 stone to make a ramp to enable Old World Stone Masonry to work on the South Wall.                                                                                                              6. Volunteer Workdays:                                                                                                     a. On Friday, 6 Nov 2015, the Friends of Jerusalem Mill hosted the 2015-2016 GFSP Maryland Conservation Corp crew of Nathan, Lacey, Rowan and Sara. Along with Rich Albright, Ray Rios-Velez and other volunteers, they tore down the rotten, termite infested shed; moved two trailers and associated equipment away from the site of the new storage shed; moved the colonial wood-working equipment out of the Blacksmith Shop to the Ranger/Carriage House; moved the colonial gun-working bench from the Miller's House to the Ranger/Carriage House, and, help to sort and organize the donated fasteners and tools in the Ranger/Carriage House. A new Colonial Woodworking/Gun Smith demonstration activity is being established in the Ranger/Carriage house and will be integrated into the village living history program next year.                                                                                                                                  b. On Saturday, 14 Nov 2015, the Friends of Jerusalem Mill hosted over thirty-one volunteers for a Second Saturday Volunteer Workday starting at the Tenant House from 9:00 AM to 12:00. A partial list of the tasks completed include: (1) Splitting all the log slugs into firewood for Eli Tsismanakis and clearing the space for the new storage shed; (2) Discovering and replacing the rotten foundation wooden beams of the wood shed by Dr Fred Berg and John Hobaugh (Eagle Scout Project of some years ago) - this was quickly becoming a safety issue and new stairs and decking will be installed in future volunteer workdays; (3) Fabrication and replacement of rotten front door jam of the Miller's (Gun Factory) house by Merlin Erickson with valuable assistance by many others; (4) critical weeding and preparation for winter of the "Maryland Native Plants Garden" with Andrea Staschak with exceptional help by many others; (5) Moving furniture and artifacts back into the recently beautifully re-finished flooring by Linda Rich and Chris Carlson in the Civil War Room in McCourtney's General Store under the leadership of Glen Porter and Gail Wattenbarger with help from many others; (6) Removal of excess galvanized water and heating pipes from the McCourtney's General Store in preparation for refinishing that floor; (7) demolition and framing carpentry in the former Ranger, now Carriage house as part of the reorganization of  at that building to house donated fasteners and tools, (8) preparation of camp fire for Cub Scouts, and, (9) Winterizing of motorized lawn equipment Special thanks to Saint Joan Scovill for the feast in the Tenant House for all; Eli Tsismanakis and Dwight Deems for providing three log splitters, and, the outstanding GFSP Maryland Conservation Corp Crew of Nathan, Lacey, Rowan and Sara (as well as friends) for their help with our Saturday fun and festival. The next date for a volunteer workday is 12 Dec 2015.

7. McCourtney’s General Store Well Pump: On Thursday, 12 Nov 2015, the well pump failed at McCourtney's General Store. On Friday, 13 Nov 2015, the Friends of Jerusalem Mill hired Johnny Brynes to replace the well pump, install an in-line filter and re-pressurize the water tank for just over $600.00 in accordance with our lease.                                                       8. Tenant Farmer’s House: On Sunday, 29 Nov 2015, volunteers from the Percy Lee Dairy Farm Foundation cleared the front parlor room of the Tenant Farmer’s House for the upcoming Charles Dicken’s XMAS on 5 Dec 2015. Michelle returned on Tuesday, 1 Dec 2015 to decorate.                                                                                                                            9. Trail Maintenance:                                                                                                        a. On Sunday, 8 Nov 2015, volunteers from the Percy Lee Diary Farm Foundation cleared the Lost Pond Trail of fallen trees and policed up two bags of trash.                                          b. On Saturday, 14 Nov 2015, two dozen Cub Scouts (and equal number of adult leaders) from Pack 934 volunteered to clear the Little Gunpowder Trail of trash and fallen branches and used some of the split firewood for their cooking and night-time campfire. A good job and a good time was enjoyed by all.                                                                                             c. On Saturday and Sunday, 21/22 Nov 2015, Volunteers for the Percy Lee Dairy Farm Foundation walked the "Wildlands, Stockdale and Sweathouse Trails" along the Big Gunpowder Falls River at Belair Road and conducted minor trail maintenance. Over eighteen fallen trees were cleared. We received the thanks and appreciation of dozens of hikers.      d. On Friday and Saturday, 26 and 27 Nov 2015, volunteers from the Percy Lee Dairy Farm completed fallen tree clearing and minor trail maintenance for the entire Lost Pond (Blue Blaze) and Sawmill (Yellow Blaze) Trail starting and finishing at Belair Road alongside the Big Gunpowder River. The volunteers found a four foot iron ring of a wagon wheel, left most likely where it broke, over one hundred years ago. The artifact was returned to the museum/visitor center of the Jerusalem Mill for enjoyment of all.                                       e. On Sunday, 29 Nov 2015, Julie Van Campen and other volunteers cleared and conducted minor trail maintenance on the Little Gunpowder (White Blaze) Trail between Harford and Bottom Road (See picture of lower falls of Twin Falls of the Dick Branch that feeds the Little Gunpowder Falls River.

10. Park Maintenance: On Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015, Jason (lease farmer) discovered that the gate on Reynolds Road was destroyed. Volunteers from the Percy Lee Dairy Farm Foundation contacted NRP and made a report. On Friday, 13 Nov 2015, volunteers repair one gate and salvaged another to replace the other side and reinstalled a functional gate at that location.                                                                                                                           11. Proposed Activities next month:                                                                                  a. Install/Finish the Storage Shed.                                                                                       b. Finish McCourtney’s Store Floor Refurbishment.                                                               c. Continue Organization of the Carriage House.                                                                  d. Removed fallen trees/branches in Bankbarn, Springhouse Field, etc.                                e. Install Joppatowne Blue Star Memorial mounting stone and Plaque.